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Workshop & Presentation on Big Ocean and Large Scale Marine Mammal Protected Areas at the Second International Marine Mammal Protected Area Conference (ICMMPA2)
November 7-11, 2011 (invited, TBC)
Fort De France, Martinique

Big Ocean has been invited to participate in a workshop and make a presentation at the Second International Marine Mammal Protected Area Conference (ICMMPA2).


For more information please contact: aulani.wilhelm@noaa.gov

Big Ocean Business Meeting
December 1, 2011 (time and venue TBC)
Auckland, New Zealand

Big Ocean will convene its third business meeting in conjunction with the 25th Annual International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB).

ICCB meeting website

For more information please contact: naia@bigoceanmanagers.org


2011 Marine Conservation Think Tank on "Big Ocean Network: A Research Agenda and Science Dissemination Strategy for Large-Scale MPAs"
December 2-5, 2011 (Sky City Convention Center)
Auckland, New Zealand

The Think Tank session will seek to forward: 1) the design of a shared research agenda across Big Ocean sites, and 2) the investigation of how to best design large-scale MPAs using scientific principles. A key desired output is shared vision and strategy around which Big Ocean research can be conducted, inclusive of specific key issues and topics to be addressed over the next 2-3 years. The Marine Conservation Think Tank is being hosted by the Society for Conservation Biologyʻs Marine Section just prior to the 25th ICCB (see above for more information about the conference).

The Big Ocean Think Tank session summary/abstract can be downloaded at: summary/abstract

For more information please contact: randallkosaki@noaa.gov


Big Ocean Business Meeting & Learning Exchange

5 September 2012

8:30 - 17:00

Terrace Ballroom A

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Jeju, Korea


Big Ocean will convene its fourth business meeting in conjunction with the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress Forum being held in Jeju, Korea from  6-11 September. The morning session, inclusive of a working lunch (8:30 - 14:00) will be the business meeting and is specifically for member sites and representatives.  The afternoon session will be the workshop and the topic is development of an outline for a guidebook for managers of large scale MPA sites. The workshop welcomes guests and other managers referred to Big Ocean by its member sites.


For more information please contact: naia@bigoceanmanagers.org




Big Ocean's WCC 2012 Workshop & Knowledge Cafe

Big Ocean is hosting both a Workshop and Knowledge Cafe at the 2012 WCC. The titles, dates and times are below. For additional information on the sessions, please click the links provided to access the IUCN website and the full proposal text.

No. 0841 WORKSHOP 

Size Matters: Scaling Up Marine Protection Across the Globe
IUCN web link: http://portals.iucn.org/2012forum/?q=0841
Time: 14h30 - 16h30
Room: 201 (A&B)


Is Bigger Better? Inviting Experiences and Perspectives on Large-Scale Marine Protection
IUCN web link: http://portals.iucn.org/2012forum/?q=0056

Room: 102

Conference link


For more information about Big Ocean sessions, please contact: naia@bigoceanmanagers.org